1. How much do your outfits cost?
Outfit prices vary based on size, materials needed, and detailing requested; all of our items are HANDMADE with love and can take hours and hours to produce.
- Custom bras start at $110 and increase depending on the amount of detail you’d like incorporated
- Bustiers start at $120
- Corsets start at $135
- Two-piece outfits (bra + bottoms) start at $140
- Full outfits start at $150
- Headbands start at $15
- Fanny packs start at $30

2. Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! We recognize how expensive festivals can be and wanted to offer a payment plan option that might help. For payment plans, the cost of your outfit is split up into two payments: one to be paid beforehand as a deposit, and one paid after right before shipping. While we’d love to offer payment plans with more than two payments, we have up to 100+ open orders at a time and keeping track of that many payment plans with multiple payments to be made would be a logistical nightmare - we want to spend as much of our time creating as possible!

3. How do I place and pay for my order?
To place an order, simply fill out an order form here: https://fs30.formsite.com/smoranz/form1/index.html? and we’ll review your form and get back to you with a quote in 1-3 days. If you’re interested, we’ll set up an invoice for you via Paypal. Once this has been paid, we will begin the process of starting your order.

4. Can you replicate outfits from the past? Can you make this outfit from another designer?
Due to the nature of the garment, there is no way we can make EXACT replicas of past outfits. Materials and supplies are constantly changing and it depends heavily on the season - a bra that a supplier has in stock one summer is not going to still be in stock two years later during the winter. We will closely match your request as well as we can and if it isn’t possible at all, we’ll contact you to discuss alternatives.
NO, we refuse to copy designs from other designers. If you’d like a piece of their work, please go to them. While you can mimic a result, you can never copy the creativity behind a piece and we find it disrespectful to replicate other designers work. If you have a new idea of a theme we haven’t done before, feel free to use images from other designers in your order form to help illustrate your ideas but know they’ll just be used as inspiration and won’t be replicated.

5. Can I have a sketch of the outfit I requested?
Unfortunately, we can not make sketches for every one of our orders - we put a lot of time and thought into them, making it impossible to do it for each person. By filling out our order form, you should have given us more than enough information to make your dream costume come to life. You are trusting us to make something beautiful and based on our past work and outfits we’ve done, you should have an idea of our aesthetic and overall design style. Sketches can be purchased for $15/design

6. Sizes available? Washing instructions?
We can work with all sizes from 32A-36DD+. Because larger sizes (anything above a 34C) require more materials and time, they typically cost about $15 more. If you’d like a push-up bra or a bra with no padding at all, please specify so in your order form. If you have a smaller chest, ordering a size bigger and wearing a push-up bra underneath your rave bra can help reach a better fit.
For larger sides (over DD) we recommend that you send in a bra of your own to ensure a perfect fit - this helps avoid any sizing snafus and we charge a decoration fee instead of the full custom piece price. 
For cleaning, we recommend spot cleaning (on the inside of the bra) or taking it to a dry cleaner or a cleaner who specializes in jeweled clothing. Please remember that these bras are very delicate and are wearable art, not a pair of jeans that can be thrown in the laundry so care for them accordingly!